"Amitabhan's music is inspiring, warm, entertaining, and uplifting. His love of life comes through his soulful lyrics and joyful melodies. He is one of our favorite guests artists at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa."

—Dr. Edward Viljoen, Senior Minister, CSL Santa Rosa

"In a clear acoustic style, Amitabhan's spiritually intimate lyrics turn the mind toward the sacred and the heart toward its home in the soul. In a voice that is warm and soothing, his songs are filled with gratitude, infused with stillness, and always evoking a deep devotion to the sacred."

—ONE: The Magazine

BIO: Ami (Amitabhan) shares his music at concerts throughout the country, and at events with spiritual teachers including Matthew Fox, Adyashanti, Gangaji, and Martha Creek. His lyrics and music are inspired by years of meditation, study, and wisdom based spiritual practice.

He tours widely, appearing at up to 100 events per year in the US and into Canada. He has toured, recorded and performed with artists including Kirtana, Wah!, Kathy Zavada, and Jennifer Berezan. Ami is an award-winning songwriter, who has been influenced by a wide variety of musical traditions. He especially loves sharing songs/chants that open the heart and point audiences back to the peace that lives within.

“I experienced this earth angel at Unity of Santa Barbara early this year and am FLOORED in the best of ways by his presence, soul, talent, skill, performance, heart and hands.”

—Martha Creek: Unity Louisville, KY www.marthacreek.com

"These songs point to the sacredness of this life and every moment therein. Amitabhan?s music is profound mystically as well as prophetically; it delights even as it takes you to ever deeper places."

—Matthew Fox: Author, "Original Blessing"

“I also wanted to tell you that "I LOVE your CD 'This' " is an understatement. I have been listening to it over and over again. I am frequently looking for those songs that make me stop everything I'm doing to just listen... and nearly every song on this CD has that effect on me. They make me stop and take a deep breath and remember what is important.”
—Cori Martinez: owner, Asha Yoga Studio.

“I was at the Adyashanti retreat in March. I bought your CD and listen to it almost everyday! Thanks for sharing your beautiful music. Probably half the room cried for every song... at least I did.”

“When Ami plays at our Center, I rejoice, knowing he understands "music ministry". With deep embodiment of the Divine message he sings so well, one can feel the presence of Spirit in his being. I highly recommend you take advantage of his presence for your Church/Center.”
—Rev. Tanya Wyldflower, Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living

I recently saw this musician perform live in concert alongside Kirtana at a San Francisco Bay Area event and was captivated. His lyrics stealthily draw the mind deeper into the sacred, while his voice, so deliciously healing, soothes and charms the soul. Amitabhan?s fingers dance over the strings in a clear, peaceful acoustic style so rare in this digital age. ...all songs on this album are written and performed by Amitabhan; a must-have CD for your sacred music collection.
—Amber Terrell: Nexus Magazine

You are an amazing gift - thank you for what you create. Such inspiration.
—Mariane Corallo: Owner, Rasa Yoga Center

"...His new CD, "This", includes my favorite new song, “Let Life Do You.” Amitabhan accompanies himself on acoustic guitar, and the liquid grace flowing from his fingers seems to radiate into the heart of my heart. With a clear, sweet voice and exquisite lyrics, Amitabhan will bring the warmth of the sun into the coldest recesses of a wounded heart, stirring tears and laughter and a heart-felt murmur of gratitude. Whether it is the sublime present-moment awareness of the title track or the deeply surrendered benediction of “Home,” Amitabhan’s "This" is a wonderful gift to the precious light in each of us."
—Steve Ryals: author

“When Amitabhan sings, the celestial muses listen. He sings from the heart with great devotion and evokes peace in those who listen or sing with him.”
—Zena Ursulak, Dakini Yoga Studio

“When you play everything drops away and love floods up and out to meet the love that is flowing from you, directly from Source to Source. Spirit to Spirit. Itself to Itself. As if finally, finally found.”

I have been listening to your CD in my car non-stop since the retreat, and find it so soothing. The truth, spoken so simply and elegantly, with so much tenderness and love. What a gift, to have a beautifully melodic reminder of the truth wherever I go.

“I wanted to drop you this short but heartfelt note to let you know how much your music brings me to a place of recognition and rest. The moment I begin to hear it the body naturally relaxes and settles into the spaces, the words and the music, recognizing what is here and always true. Thank you for your beautiful gift that carries me through each day. In love?”

“Kirtan with Ami was one of the best events at Prana Yoga yet! Great event!”
—JC: Prana Yoga, La Jolla CA